searching for self conception

I just have red “British Art Experts Says Australian van Gogh a Fake” and I looked at the well known face.

Maybe, it is so indeed. However, my dearest, does that matter though some?
Is not our reasoning the typical fabrication?

We all know that Vincent had sold anything during his life, yet he didnt stop, because he was led by the Spirit that we even didn’t bother to mention now because we sense ourselves too involved in evaluating the authentic of the signature.

Does worshiping of our handworks reflect the respect of the artists?
No. I am deeply convinced that the real respect lies in the continuation of the dreams of our heroes. I am in awe not towards the prices of famous auctions, but in continuation of the walk in faith of our heroes and in recognizing the self in their dreams.

One thought on “searching for self conception

  1. Hi Tomas, saw your comments at my blog Motivation Peek. I have been busy lately to update my blogs. Frankly speaking sometimes I don’t really catch what you are trying to convey the message to me.

    Read that your dog had passed away. I too was very sad at the lost of my beloved dog two months back. : (


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