What is the wand of the fine arts ?

Only few risk to claim having the keys to the instant and lasting success, yet there is no need to regret. “Thnak you” is a centuries-old idea, the wand that never disappoints. All we need to do is show more respect to our grandparents and lessen a bit our passion to gather the autographs of the famous of this world.
In spite of that I deeply respect and even personally know a lot of self-help gurus, I haven’t doubted a second that your simple “Hi” has no less power than the wholw modern army.

Scientists explain what is wahat, yet the smiles heals that. That looks super-simple, yet it remains the greatest mystery till we personally stumble and hurt ourselves by striving to look incredible wise and successful. However, when the stranger’s “Hi” helps us to stand up, pur bold heads start sharing the memoirs.

I would feel happy in case my colors and writings would bring you some comfort. Let’s say “Hi” to each other just because we are.

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