The riddle of the art of listening

While the people are weeping, is not it rough to share my joyful experiences? In spite of the fact, I am hearty grateful to Asoka for the”terror granny” blog post the invitation to participate in the discussion.
Let me explain that more profoundly.I was greatly confused, yet THAT RECALLED the essentials, and I was healed so, renewed and inspired to forget my body’ autumn.

Terrorism isn’t an artistic fantasy, but the rough reality, and therefore there is no place to any apathy or scientific discussions about the good or bad taste. Increase in terrorism depicts a state of our current day and fills our lives with fear ad anger. It hides the sun in the darkest clouds and makes everything meaningless. Have a look. People strive to fortify the peace, to inhabit the truth worldwide, however, in spite of these generous desires the number of the innocent victims terrifying increases, and it seems that there isn’t any solution. This is the most fearful. Yet, can it be so indeed?

Worry lifts up the eyes to the heaven and the sacred scriptures start speaking, we discern God’s call amidst current turmoil and our humble response creates the miracles. We encounter babyish smiles of playing children in a state of ruin and stir to the depth. The horror gives back the place to the dawn. Faith in God is the one and only way to survive and have the life, the eternal life without any fear and full with eternal joy. Yet faith in God don’t mean looking exclusively to the heaven, but in the recognizing God’s Spirit indwelling in each of us, in recognizing the self in each other and addressing the former stranger as my dear brother in spirit. God’s love has nothing in common with the laziness or the social apathy. God’s word is our comforter, the healer and the flag as the ultimate goal of all humanity.

Terrorism provides us possibility to choose, to answer personally, who I am. Do I fight for my own understandings and cut the earth in opposing each other camps, or am I a God’s child, the fearless knight of the divine Love?
An end of the terrorism I see as the end of a flesh. We all will die one day and the corpse will witness the spiritual revival of the faithful then. However, there isn’t any need to wait for that. In Jesus name we can be reborn just now and for ever.
Terrorism is the evil that might be defeated spiritually. The terrorism doesn’t fear any other weapons, but otherwise. It rejoices at the music of the guns.

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