Realism in the world of the fine arts

One and the same picture may be defined either the masterpiece, or just a spotted sheet of paper that didn’t reflect anything, neither our surroundings no our consciousness. Thus what makes a difference in the world of the fine arts?

Have a look. Three men are looking at the heaven. One see just the clouds, another rejoices at the creation of God, and the third goes even further, discerns the presence of divine light in himself.
All three face the same picture, yet they encounter absolutely different perspectives.
Who of them is right?

It is our personal outlook towards the life that makes the difference between the realism and just an abstraction, the reasoning for reasoning.

Does our logic reveal to us our reality or just the scientifically grounded superstitions?

It is no wonder that the debates over the naming of the artistic manner of painting never touch lots of people despite the fact that they appeal to each of us. The most just look at these riddles as just a typically nitty-gritty of the artists.
Is that the lovely tolerance or the dangerous torpidity of the people?

What it means to be the realist?

Three men were looking at the rapidly forthcoming clouds.

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