The essence of a background to all artwork

Healing with the Rainbow Rays Sept/Oct newsletter has featured my art again, and I hearty express my gratitude again.
Thank you, dear Alijandra.
Thank you for the help to share the hearty whispering of my colors.

…. It is natural to stumble and then it is good to hear you are not lost yet, you can still stand up and do it.
That’s not a theory; I personally have received this encouragement not once, and thus I am here and we are talking now.
However, when our hair turn grey or the heads go bald, the thoughts on building a fortune from nothing, on living by ourselves stop worry, and the question arises “What for have we lived?”
Is not it obvious that love can’t be produced or deserved, that it is the divine blessing, and one and only our goal is not to lose the joy of gratitude. That’s impossible to do alone and that’s having God’s fellowship.

Thank you, dear Alijandra.

2 thoughts on “The essence of a background to all artwork

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry I do not speak Lithuanish but it was really good… I am proud to say I have recieved your gift of peace from your Monet like works of art. Please feel free to comment on my blog anytime you want as it really brightened my day.


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