Art Truth and Life Questions

Harsh signal of a car returned me to the earth and I sensed myself amid a busy street, facing at the window of an antiquity shop. Wow, the whatnot cost indeed a lot and are the luxury to most citizens.
However, this truth didn’t add any clarity but otherwise. It has transformed my reality into a puzzle. I have compared showpieces in the window with the load of a car that nearly knock me to the ground.
Goods of the garbage collectors don’t attract anybody in spite of the fact that all litters were the antique in some sense: what was thrown away by us had patiently served us prior to now.
So what makes the difference between the cultural values and the garbage?

While thinking, I was pierced by a thought, a nursery and a foster home may be found on the same street.

Quite opposite smells of these two institutions mixed into one impersonal noise, yet the heavy traffic wasn’t appropriate place to meditations. The laughter and the heavy silence were both swallowed up by the town

2 thoughts on “Art Truth and Life Questions

  1. Interesting reflections Tomas. I love recycled items that have not only stood the test of time but also contribute to the present, with best wishes, The Artist


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