The artwork recall resistance to the darkness

When we open our eyes, we enable our dreams to enter our reality.

The history of the fine arts reports this truth exceptionally pictorial. Therefore please have a look at a magnificent canvas of Lithuanian Margiris. A mighty duke looks at us from amidst the fires that mix with the last sunbeams …
The miracle has happened: the heavens resisted and the darkness didn’t shadow the earth. The noble knight consciously chose the death but didn’t give in and his castle followed the example.
Freedom and honor was the signature of our great-fathers on the dawn of the history…
Not only the Lithuanians know their Margiris, all nations of the world have alike their own giants…

However, I like the fairy tales much more than art history. Fairy tales guard the ideals, while the history of the fine arts just collects the names of the masterpieces. Everywhere you go you meet lots of the Art Palaces. The multitude like them, like to rest in the modern markets that are proud to sell their heroes at quite approachable cost.

Life demanded the faith and no one have doubted the worth of the name at the dawn of the History, yet now the portraits of the Great of this world may be obtained for the cost of just few meals on every corner of a busy street.

2 thoughts on “The artwork recall resistance to the darkness

  1. Well said Tomas.
    My apologies for being extremely tardy getting back to you, however life has been very difficult around here. My son is very ill.
    I did finally get your link done. Check it out when you have a minute.



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