As you know, an autumn stands now.
We are facing the most colorful season of the year. Therefore there was no wonder that while dreaming at the window, I sink into the precious sounds of the lullabies. The memoirs were embracing me, and the fatigue vanished, and the sunset sparkled with an amazing lights.
My visions were decorated better than all artists of the world could do that. It seemed that even the nature has tried to fit to that euphoria. While I was looking through the window, no one stood idle. The wind was playing with the trees and all leaves were singing in my yard. I even didn’t noticed how the moon has changed the last sunbeam and the night covered me.
I set in awe. The heavy fog of ignorance disappeared and the fairy tales awake. However, people around were in a deep sleep, and therefore the amazing smiles were wandering under the closed eyes on their faces.
Only the mirrors were weeping, but that too was no wonder. Nobody looked at them.

In short, all above has happened in a place that should be visited by you. It is portrayed more profound than in this sketch in the books that had been red by me already.
The health of economy affects our wellbeing and even explains the situation in health service, however, our smiles, our luckiness depends on our spirituality, on morals that move our blood and didn’t question how old is our car.
The mess begins with judging the outside. Then the statements look logical, but mean nothing.

The cars are moved by fuel, and the longevity of the journey depends on the gas tanks.

The same may be said about us ourselves.
The artists live on the feedbacks, and their passion for the move is revealed in their guestbook.

4 thoughts on “

  1. Hello Tomas.. thank you so much for your words.. I really appreciate it. There are so beautiful writings here I am going to go and read fully..


  2. Hi Tomas, I really like this piece in which nature comes alive. I love “the heavy fog of ignorance disappeared and the fairy tales awake.” And the mirrors, “weeping” beacuse “no one looked at them.”


  3. Hello Tomas,

    I really admire people that feel the changing of the seasons !It seem fool, but here in Brazil we don´t have a very defined season, this morning can be cold, and in the afternoon hot as the desert…
    So we don´t really see and feel the changing. We never appreciate the flowers falling from the trees, the hot sun to take a walk!
    Actually, São Paulo is a lot hard for people!




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