rerun of the pictures reroofs my shelter

The summer is over already, but the trees are still hiding their trunks under the leaves.
Dont’ fear. There is no reason for a worry. The sun is still brighter than the earth under my feet.

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Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

3 thoughts on “rerun of the pictures reroofs my shelter”

  1. Hi Tomas thank you for your wonderful comments. The colors in your work are really beautiful. Am in the process of moving house at present so haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. Selling my house and finding a new home is all taking a lot of time. Will be great when am resettled again, but seems it will take a while, best wishes, The Artist


  2. I have replied to your comments on my blog. Sincerely, I thank you for it actually.

    In a way, I was losing perspective. Your comments have prodded me to remind myself of some things I had learnt experiencially and phlosophically while I typed out the reply.

    🙂 Well wishes to you.


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