outlook on what’s under the feet

The colors may look dark,  yet there is no gloomy light, because
It is our own interpretation that color the truth with the ambiguity

Let me end that picture  with the quotation …

on the other hand,  have I the right to hide under the quote?

It would be so easy to do , but would it be the honest?

While hearing “this is a quote”, we are used to accept the statement as the truth that’s above any discussions.  Meanwhile my “quote” is just a way I see the world – that’s like my dream that thirst  for your direct response:

“Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word”

Lets awake! Arts Colors are not the promotion of paints, but the revelation of the artist’s  heart.  Our pictures mirror our spirituality

2 thoughts on “outlook on what’s under the feet

  1. Mr. Tomas, it is good to see you visit my blog again. I did think you will just pop out of my blog once because of some blog-feeding sites. It was alright, we are all busy-people. I am a bit busy with my studies in my country too, getting into college is really hard. I’m glad I’m still able to update my blog.

    I really feel appreciated. Thank you for the very uplifting words. I am proud too, to see a very well-experienced man commenting on my blog. My passion is for the arts that expose our soul and your paintings and photographies always show that. I don’t know how or why do you find my blog interesting, but I’ll be glad if you could tell. I would also like to hear your views about my blog entries.

    You could always email me (ehlaviel@yahoo.com) if you have time and with that, I think I could find more ideas about life that I’m sure I’ll cherish and use to evolve. Once again, thank you!


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