the fine arts vs the smirch

Responsibility… there are words that provoke us to jump over what is at hand.

Thus we appear in a mysterious world of the Art. Art colors whisper to us, and it seems we hear something. Unfortunately, People leave Art Halls not in cheery hug, but under the load of various quotations.

…. Did you see THIS? …Good maxims are good, but what we name as a riddle is much better than the honorable quotes. I say so because while the well constructed phrases will be forgotten soon, the puzzles will awake us always. The desire to guess the secret moves us forward and will bring into a hug one day. The riddles will be guessed

2 thoughts on “the fine arts vs the smirch

  1. I’ve long been intrigued by the concept of “fine art.” Who gets to decide which art is “fine”? Think of the arrogance that we have assumed in deciding this for all the fine folk artists of the world.


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