a touch of irony

The clouds are heavier today than the heaven of yesterday, but the faith lays down the path like a streak of light on overcast sky.
Have a look. Even my cactus smile and the empty background of the picture don’t hurt the eyes.

The words “I” …”my” … “mine” hurt my own ear.
I am talking about OUR love.
Thus why so?
Is there any explanation?

God’s word feeds us and nurture but we answer not with the holly quotes but with our concrete deeds, and we enter the communion of the saints through the narrow door of the personal response.

3 thoughts on “a touch of irony

  1. Tomas thank you for your lengthy reply on my blog but I feel you are expressing your feelings not what I am saying,

    `While hearing the Creative Spirit, we think about the artists but not the God. I am sorry for the blasphemy. While hearing the Creative Spirit, we visualize the artist but not our famous politics or the poor homeless’

    What I am trying to do on my blog is share my understanding of `The Creative Process’,

    best wishes, The Artist


  2. Hello Tomas,

    Thank you for your comments to my article. …And thank you for your work. I have to admit that up until now I had never been convinced that abstract digital work could lose its mechanical roots… but yours have changed my attitude … your work comes from a wonderfully hidden place – which you reveal so admirably, so gently … and do I detect some humour … or joy? – they truly touch the deeper parts of me.
    Thanks again Tomas.

    Tim Seaward


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