How much is the love?

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  1. See: We are not different because you paint with color, and I write with words. We are alike because you color with music, and I write with music. We do not choose the form, but we recognize music as the Spirit fills us with God’s sustaining Love.


  2. I Only Know There Is Light To Give

    A single leaf falls in visual music.

    The same leaf falls into crystals of ice.

    A black branch is the only silence present.

    The other night as music over-shadowed

    the meaning of what I was trying to say,

    I realized that I have no power over form.

    When you hear a leaf fall, you need not ask

    about love, for if silence is darkness,

    then music is light enough to utterly sustain.

    This poem was inspired in part by a post entitled “How much is the love?” of two digital paintings on Tomas Karkalas’s blog Captain’s Bridge


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