The flowers rejoice at the sunlight and people open their windows towards the light. The trash irritates each of us, but the environmental pollution expands and threatens everyone.
That happens in spite of the statements “now people can easily create their “most treasured needs and desires”.
If that is indeed so, why did there are so many wearied and irritated people around us?

Do we rejoice at the sun, or trust in the power of our own flesh?

2 thoughts on “mystery

  1. Do not confuse one’s coolness
    with a heart of stone,
    for you may err.
    Just as the ice palace
    may hold a fiery inferno,
    one may have deep passion within.


  2. I believe there are always confrontation with two forces within and without . Theses forces test the existancr of everything and none living
    Are emotions are part of this system of the ligth and dark side of nature.
    We grow and kill, we build and destroy we live and we die all based on this cycle.
    Then we dare to Qustion it so we can excape the enavatable.
    Your painting express this ,


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