why is it so?

I have clicked the link of my blog and the picture you see above has appeared.
Is that all my life was worthy of?

Being shorter or taller didn’t affect the way people accept me. Am I Tom or Jon do the same.
However, the situation would look otherwise in case I will say I am recognized as mentally ill.


a touch of irony

The clouds are heavier today than the heaven of yesterday, but the faith lays down the path like a streak of light on overcast sky.
Have a look. Even my cactus smile and the empty background of the picture don’t hurt the eyes.

The words “I” …”my” … “mine” hurt my own ear.
I am talking about OUR love.
Thus why so?
Is there any explanation?

God’s word feeds us and nurture but we answer not with the holly quotes but with our concrete deeds, and we enter the communion of the saints through the narrow door of the personal response.

the fine arts vs the smirch

Responsibility… there are words that provoke us to jump over what is at hand.

Thus we appear in a mysterious world of the Art. Art colors whisper to us, and it seems we hear something. Unfortunately, People leave Art Halls not in cheery hug, but under the load of various quotations.

…. Did you see THIS? …Good maxims are good, but what we name as a riddle is much better than the honorable quotes. I say so because while the well constructed phrases will be forgotten soon, the puzzles will awake us always. The desire to guess the secret moves us forward and will bring into a hug one day. The riddles will be guessed

autumn comes to end

Night entered my room to switch on a lamp and my candle disappeared in the artificial light

I know that exhibition of my works is still opened …
It looks nice as the autumn leaves that sparkle in the wind.

However, do we recall that beauty under our feet, while moving through the mud.

Self pity and complaining looks ugly and are in direct opposition to what I am displaying, but what are my earnings? Zero comments in the press. Zero of selling and … comprehension of oneself as the flying of an autumn leave that will become a mud soon. My exhibition too will be closed soon and what will remain?

These questions reveal my incredible riches. All my works were done on purely voluntary basis. And the enthusiasm of the disabled surprised many. How they were possible?

My art is my witnessing of God’s love to us. God cares for us and provides in ways unknown to us. Thus I had luck to get some donations from the people of good will.

My dear, I am doing all I can at the moment. I am rejoicing at a sharing of my art colors with you on this blog. Your visits to my site and comments are the greatest treasure that I carry with myself deep in my heart. That guards from fear of living in helpless ignorance here.
Thank you.

the key

Once I have red:
“The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are”

is it possible
to smile and talk wise
at the same time?
I opened the Bible.
“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher …” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

That’s the answer…
the key
Prior entering the kingdom of the eternal joy, we are to sense the meaninglessness of so lovely self-righteousness.
Wow … we become the giants through accepting our weakness but not by talking about the human potentials

outlook on what’s under the feet

The colors may look dark,  yet there is no gloomy light, because
It is our own interpretation that color the truth with the ambiguity

Let me end that picture  with the quotation …

on the other hand,  have I the right to hide under the quote?

It would be so easy to do , but would it be the honest?

While hearing “this is a quote”, we are used to accept the statement as the truth that’s above any discussions.  Meanwhile my “quote” is just a way I see the world – that’s like my dream that thirst  for your direct response:

“Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word”

Lets awake! Arts Colors are not the promotion of paints, but the revelation of the artist’s  heart.  Our pictures mirror our spirituality

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