Are old pictures worthless because they are old already?

… I can to do this … I can … and lots of pictures have appeared.

This is what I started from

All above sound indeed grand, but sometimes a crash-landing interrupts the nice boasting and so rescues us from us ourselves.
That’s not a theory, but my diary.
My experience of disability limitations has turned into my power to see and be grateful.

As a sunbeam goes through a prism, it splits and just one creates the whole bouquet of the colors.
However, the knowledge of how the spectrum of our colors is produced didn’t make the rainbow. Our mind helps a little in discerning the eternal whiteness in what looks as a total night. The wisest musings are of no help here. What we need to survive is the heart that hasn’t any authority in our daily affairs but guards us from the heaven’s falling down on us.

while going through the press

“The judgment of others does not change who I am. Quite the opposite is true. It reveals who they are.” –Terry McPhearson

The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.” –Margaret Chase Smith

presentation of "Modus Vivendi"

It is hard to imagine the modern world without any hospitals.

These institutions have lots of various units and there is no wonder. The blindness and, for example, the movement disorders demand as different medicine as well as the different treatment. In spite of that, all hospitals have one specific smell. It is the smell of pain and a focus on the exclusively personal sores.
In the light of all above, the hospitals for the mentally ill stand like a strange exception. People don’t grieve for any sickness of their own bodies there but comment on the order of events in our world. That should serve us as an example for dealing with life … but these peoples are
refered to as the patients, and something improbable happens. The typical whiteness of the hospital space suddenly dresses in the darkest colors. A look at the sky usually uplifts us but in the yard of the hospital results are opposite.

All the above depict the location of Art therapy club, where the smiles without masks long for Hello.
Blog Modus Vivendi invites you to look at the life that boils under those heavy walls.

I would be happy to deliver your comments to people you will see there.

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