2 thoughts on “whoopee!!!”

  1. Hi Tomas,

    we have the same WordPress Template but I have it hosted at Bluehost.com not WordPress.com.

    At my own hosting I am able edit the sidebar.

    When I was with WordPress.com I would add links such as Technorati using my links.

    Like yourself I couldn’t another way to do this.

    You could ask if anyone has a way to edit the sidebar at `The WordPress Forum’ or if that is not successful email the template designer direct (he is listed at the bottom of the blog).

    My computer knowledge is limited and these places may have answers I could not find.

    You are doing such wonderful things with your blogs so hope you can find a solution,

    best wishes, The Artist


  2. Called over to your other site and your colors again are inspiring.

    What a wonderful idea of yours to start a blog for the people in the hospital.

    Will call into the hospital site now and leave a comment,

    best wishes, The Artist


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