4 thoughts on “amorous blow”

  1. Hi Tomas, Thanks for your greetings. I have lost all my contacts recently and I have to go back to previous posts to trace out all my friends blogs. I have definitely left yours out. But now that you have left a comment on my blog, thanks! I have found you again. I have added you again at my blog. Happy New Year Tomas!


  2. Merry Christmas, Helen.

    I just have put few new photos on my Modus Vivendi blog on http://trustlight.blogspot.com/. It would be good to add some words there, but what’s interesting, when we are connected in the heart, even still empty sheets become the most wonderful poetry when our hearts start talking and not the words but gratitude shine through us. I wish only the best for you in this Holy Season. May God Bless you in all that you endeavor.

    Merry Christmas, Helen.


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