may I trouble you?

In case I would be an oak, my words would be the acorns and will wood the current deserts… Wow!

The attempts to facilitate the journey deforested the trackless forests. Thus while dreaming about the heaven, I wander just around my bedroom and examine the sunbeam’s ornamentation on my window. Can such beauty be what we are used to call our shadow?

Lots of my artworks gaze at me, and the eternal “to be or not to be” transforms into the curious “who am I?” Therefore as a babe in the woods, I bravely approach my respectable neighbor:

Hi! Do you want to purchase my drawing? I need to buy the new pencil for the continuation of my song on love that shines to all for free

Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

2 thoughts on “may I trouble you?”

  1. Hi Tomas, I have thought and thought about what to say in response to this picture. I really like it; it plays with my mind. I feel like I’m an outsider looking at the world through a hole or a window and only when I look deep within do I see objects in focus. You have troubled me all right. I will ponder this some more.


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