the smiles of fortune

Once, While blogging I came across a picture of a chicken on a plate. The view directed my eyes to the kitchen table. It stood empty, but the plastic surface looked like an artistic canvas that was waiting for a touch of my brush.
My imagination started to dance and the strokes were hypnotizing … I could indeed make something grand in case I would have…
1) …
2) …
3) …
… In case I would have lots of money to purchase the necessary artistic materials… Thus the sun hid under the blanket of the gloomy twilight and the painful drops knocked on my crown. Was I weeping?
Sorry. Is not it silly to grieve for the impotency to change the reality? Currently workless can start working and can earn to pay their debts and move to reach their dreams, temporally sick may recover, but what can do the recognized as the disabled-as the unfit to anything until the death?

My friend Jonas Tarasevičius writes:

In case I would have lots of money, I would buy a boat
I would circumnavigate the Earth.

In case I would have lots of money …”

While recalling my eyes smile: yes, we need no law to love.
Unfortunatelly, the world requires a diploma to claim the truth. We are free just to live it on a voluntarily base.

I quickly divided the surface of the table apart and wrote on the left:
I have no means to take the pictures of the wonders of our Earth, but – I started to write on the other side of my table sheet- Now I can enjoy the gratitude for being alive.
Just have a look. While drawing I had a saying “supranti” (do you understand?), but as I have started to blog, I discovered you and my language weed burst into blossom of the “Wow!” The new adage was born.

Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

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