What good have you done?

“What good have you done to the town you live in?”

If we asked ourselves what we personally did to the city we live in, most complaints would go away instantly and the air we breathe would be much more refreshing,

4 thoughts on “What good have you done?

  1. Well expressed. To be without judgement is a wonderful place to be.

    Still trying to comment on your other wonderful website but although have a WordPress blog am unable to sign in. Something to do with cookies settings, but had them set by my computer people and they work elsewhere.

    Thought I would let you know as it is such a special site and would to love to connect with you there,

    best wishes, The Artist


  2. That is a good question to ask of ourselves. And you are right, we wouldn’t be so quick to judge. I am going to follow through with “what good have I done for the town that I live in?” Nice blog. I’ll be back now and again.


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