whishpering of art colors

… the depth of our steps is defined by our love to other

My blog Candleday was featured by windiepink – artists of the seven
You may click above and read these lovely words. However, let me share my reply.

Dear Tiandra,
Your lovely words deeply touched me. Thank you . However, not my colors but YOUR ATTIDUDE is the treasure you are talking about. My artworks are just a reflection of the glorious radiation of the Divine Spirit who flows through us when we trust in God and recognize ourselves in the eyes of each other.
That’s the news that cries for sharing with all.
Thank you for the help to do that.

4 thoughts on “whishpering of art colors

  1. What a lovely piece of art that is very interesting. This piece of art looks like the beauty of life seeping through the darkness. however within the life coming through it is actually ourselves being guided through the darkness in the eyes of this creature.


  2. Hi Tomas, I looked at the Winkiepink site. What lovely correspondence between the two of you. Your artwork speaks to many. It speaks of love and sharing between God’s children.


  3. Tomas.. you are ever so kind.. just what can i say… you know i am really but one flame as like you.. nothing special… but share what i do… but smile… this i will… for i see it a thrill.. to know that there are others… that so care.. to share as i do… big smile..

    Again…Thank you so kindly Tomas for all your inspirations…i am somewhat shy as well as honored that you have given windiepink… art of the heart and artists of the seven a voice so they can be found from here.. this delights me to no ends.. again thank you… all my Love… tiandra…


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