miracle of the love

Spring is coming and everything blossom forth, but I have no money for sharing what I enjoy. I need your financial support to print and exhibit my artwork. Only your help can bring the sun into the hut of the disabled. Help me please.
As PayPal dont work in Lithuania, I can accept your support only by post remittance.
Help me please. My correct address is:
Tomas Karkalas
Liepu 25-31
Klaipeda  92139
I am eagerly looking forward to your  support.
Thank you

2 thoughts on “miracle of the love

  1. Hi Tomas, I hope you’ve gotten over being mad at me. What Winsome suggests sounds like a reasonable way, without any money needed upfront, to begin selling your art. I do hope you will consider it as an alternative to asking for gifts.


  2. Hi Tomas,

    Am still thinking of your situation with concern.

    Would you consider starting an online Cafepress store to market your art images. They pay by sending cheques.

    If you go to my site you will be able to see my link to Cafepress on the top right hand side.

    Check it out, it could be a great way for you to begin to get money for your wonderful art,

    with best wishes, The Artist


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