my dream day

While I was dreaming in a coffee-shop, lots of people were passing by me under the window. The picture was colorful, but it looked sorrowful because the smiles were lost in a busy schedule of workday of my town. The reality urged on shaking myself free from a burden of all observations. So I dunk my finger into the cup of coffee and started drawing on the table

-Are you Tomas?

The inquiry gave me a good shake? The further events were unexpected too. 1000 red roses were delivered to me . Unfortunately, the courier left the coffee shop prior I managed to say a word.

Wow, the scent of the roses was so lovely. The aroma raised me from a chair and took into the street. Thus I came head-to-head with the people . Old lady was slowly approaching me. I didn’t hesitate a second.

– Hi! – I handed her a rose.

All 1000 roses were shared with other such way and the miracle has happened: my town has bloomed with 1000 smiles.

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4 thoughts on “my dream day

  1. I love roses (not because its part of my name) but I think they’re just lovely and it’ll never fail to give a smile to my face.

    I somehow had a similar dream like yours although the rose was for me 🙂

    Thanks for commenting and visiting my blogs. God bless you!


  2. Thanks for the comment in my blog.I really appretiate.I seen your arts of colour those were very creative.

    Hope you will keep coming to my blog.
    Have a Nice Day

    -Amazing Optical Illusions


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