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While starting writing a blog costs nothing, the reward for the blogging is just the priceless.
I have discovered lots of wonderful people while browsing the web. It was the fabulous indeed exercise for the mental fitness. While writing to blog, I have felt the responsibility for my word and the mourning over my sad circumstances of life was exchanged such way into a passionate search for something positive.
Writing to the blog shifts us from complaining to the dreaming – from self to other, and we set back into awe towards the recognition of self in other. The former strangers become the fellows and thus the heavy clouds disappear while blogging.
The discovery of the grateful eyes of a passerby, who was welcomed by you, throws out the masks from the people.
Have a look. If we all were complaining for the threatening alienation between people in the modern world, it means we all were longing for the same spiritual warmth.
It means we all are not the strangers but the people who are longing for the same values.
What looks as the death of spirituality was just a failure to hear one other. The current mess is not the awful destiny but the mistake that has appeared because of the differences in our vocabularies.

What could be more joyful than such discovery?

I’m deeply convinced we could rejoice over the results of the blogging more quickly than currently we do, in case we would refuse the nicknames and sign our posts.
Just think. How do my words look like in case I would sign them as the tr4br6? Would you trust me then? It’s certainly not. The tr4br6 and the alike are fine names just to the spam-makers, who are the cowards.
Thus does it look not oddly that most bloggers fear the publicity of their names while daringly opening the hearts ?
My dear, we have recognized ourselves in the eyes of one other while throwing of the masks. Thus let’s come into a hug without the nicknames. The world will become more secure place to live in than our current mail systems overloaded with various spam and fear of deceit

The bloggin history awakens by reminding the omnipotence of the love we experience at welcoming other

Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

2 thoughts on “search key”

  1. Tomas..I am really so glade to tell you that I liked your comments and feelings. Really you are lucky but do remember what you said in your 2nd para look life globally. Thanks again and do pay your visit regularly.


  2. Hi Tomas. Tr4br6 indeed! That’s why I always sign my name, when I leave a comment on a blog. My name isn’t me, but it does identify me. There are enough masks. We know we need each other, but it’s nice to who it is that we need. Thanks for a thoughtful post. Hope you are doing well. Love, Helen


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