Day will change the night.
It was so many times already. I became used to these constant transformations and therefore didn’t notice when a dawn ceased to be a discovery and became a gift.

A clock is ticking – the hour hand makes the ordinary things the metaphors.

3 thoughts on “memorandum

  1. Dear AngelBaby,
    Congratulations. Your joy has made my day too. Thank you.
    It was so fine to read you are passing the award to me too. I don’t know what that means (what should I do in a concrete), but your remembrance of me is the precious award out of itself.

    Peace and love


  2. great slide show!

    Hi. I found your blog at blogvillage. My blog Family Adventures is also listed there. I wanted to stop by and say hi and also invite you to participate in the upcoming blog village carnival, much ado about money. I am hosting this carnival and I wrote a post on my blog all about what a carnival is and how to enter, the post can be read here. A carnival is a great way to get to know the other bloggers at blog village and to expose your blog to other bloggers.


  3. I love your site! You have done a great job. There is something special for you at my site. You are #16. It’s for all the love and support you have given to me.
    Lots of Love and Blessings,


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