archives wake up the memory

This was laid on my table …. for I could recognize myself in my surroundings … I have made a shot once upon a time.
This is what have happened next. Fernando Vincent made the photo the header of my blog. It was my first blog . ‘The Portrait of the Silence’ were my first steps on the Internet …
The blog is closed already, thus the picture belongs to the memoirs folder now… Yet that means I am not dreaming while talking about the magic of the love. The picture above is not a fiction but the reality that comes as the guardian of our creeds in our memoirs. Just think. While recalling my first steps, I am reminded that I was helped to start The Portrait of Silence. It means that I was a student, but not the author. I was helped by Fernando in spite of the fact I didn’t know him prior. Fernando noticed my pictures and wrote to me offering to try to blog. I knew nothing about him till receiving his email. He gifted me a blog and personally tought me to blog till computer breaks stopped our pen friendship. We never have met eye to eye. Can you imagine anything alike?

The meomry is the most convincing proof of the omnipotence of the spirit who indwels in us all and knows no boundaries, but respond to our need in due time.

When we post to our blogs and see no comments, that grieves us. It looks as if we were talking just with a wall, that no one heard us.

However, that is not the truth. The temporal silence is just a test, where no comments symbolizes just a trap.
While talking with a wall people dont bother for the words they talk then. That looks natural, but we are to beware of falling into a trap. We can’t forget the responsobility for our thoughts – the spirit in us listens to us and will respond accordingly to our “silence”.

We are not alone. Just have a look


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