as the saying goes

It is a matter of common knowledge “we are what we say”, thus many give lecturer the nod and forgot all about it. There is no wonder, a cup of coffee costs more than the wisdom. As it were, the reality talks the eloquently.
Consequently, if we are what we say indeed, then what we are looking at is of no account too, because we see what we think about, but not what we are looking at.

These thoughts were nothing knew (well known to many), but I suddenly have felt the need to test the famous sayings. Thus I took my camera and made a quick shot. I didn’t make any sketches, took no arrangements- it was just a quick shot. What was picked up by me starts this post now, and I am guessing what do I see here.

What do you think? Have a look at my blog Candleday too. The same photo looks a bit differently there, but does that change though any? You are welcomed.


4 thoughts on “as the saying goes

  1. I love your site. The information you are giving to others is just wonderful. I have something for you. Look for #13.

    Love and Blessings,


  2. Thank you, dear meemoe,

    Your words made me feel fine. While I could just to dream about the wisdom that could enrich as me as my readers, your comments have made that dream the reality. Just think.
    The wisdom is like the flowers. We all enjoy the beauty, but the blossom wither away at a moment are cut down and put in the vases in the privacy of our rooms (personal blogs). The flowers need to welcome the heaven that embraces us all in the same manner. The wisdom does likewise. It can’t survive in privacy, but blow in welcome – makes a chatter of friends the wisdom of gratitude.
    In other words, it were not my words, but your comments that unlocked the closed doors – made us both the wise by enabling a smile to blossom for all could enjoy the light and participate in feast of sharing the love. Thank you.

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