mysterious address

9 thoughts on “mysterious address

  1. Tomas I can’t find words to comment on your philosophic and artistic words. your expressions flow as a poem similar to the poems U built with colors in your artwork.

    Thanks for stepping in my blog. I mainly build that blog to inspire, motivate and to reach to the calm point in the human stressed souls.

    That blog contains art work from around the world for many artists, may be some of them are not will spotted.

    Some of my personal art work (textile designs) are posted on my personal webpage:

    I will be honored if U visit it and leave your comments. Even if U didn’t like it, your critics will lead my way

    Thanks for your review


  2. Hi from Dubai Tomas,

    Us flowers admire your clean cut philosophy here and enjoy the support you give to help us flowers grow!

    Dream high, reach high and it will be…
    Healthy Regards,
    All at GO! Smell the flowers


  3. Hi Peace,
    Unfortunately, my having of technorati means just one – I login for a free there… I know that the technorati is the poverful vehicle, but I too would rejoice over the help in navigation there. Sorry for my impotency to help you.
    Yet there is no reason to give up. The mastery will come in due time because our words are already released from our diaries and are on the way to people – we dont shut in ourselves and that’s the main.


  4. Hi, Tomas, thanks for that, I have technorati, but i dunno how to really use it. I have difficulties and I ask the support but it is difficult. I give up.



  5. Thank you, dear Peace.
    The Happy New Year to you too.
    I have added the link of your site to the blogroll of all four my blogs.
    Let comments of our readers seal our neighborhood. Let our blogs will blossom with the perception of the divine love which gathers together all our introspections for to quit with the solitude for ever.

    Thank you.


  6. Thank you dear pg.
    Art colors are like the field flowers where your comments are the sunbeams that enable the flowers blossom out the eternities – the spiritual truth that disguise as the beauty.
    The saying goes, my home is your home and your friends are mine friends.
    Let it be the truth. I look forward to your coming back soon.


  7. Hi, thank so much for your kind comments on my work…I do not feel worthy of it but it is nice to hear 🙂 What lovely blogs you have, I have been looking at them all and they are so interesting and vibrant!


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