the broken code

The new post was published on Modus Vivendi blog today. The reality challenged the Colourrain to response. The photo above has appeared such way here. That’s the life. The reality (the competition for the place under a sun – for the daily bread)) urges the artists to remind their forgotten sketchbooks and open the archives- in case they don’t plan to leave a stage.
While I was dreaming over a cup of coffee, what looked as the natural order of events became a riddle. The title of the post on Modus Vivendi blog (cost of eyesight ) helped to break a code.

3 thoughts on “the broken code

  1. Thank you dear matthew.

    You say “it speaks”. Wow, thank you.
    And that’s the answer. Just think, while reading some text, we strive to understand all the statements there, and therefore wear glasses (become tired ultimately), but in case we have luck to sense the smell of the flowers, the flavor of romance uplifts the spirit and we are hovering on the wings of the gratitude then.

    Can the awareness of the mechanics of life’ process gift us anything likewise?

    I hope you watched not only the picture above but the post on Modus Vivendi blog too. Thus you saw the video there and have read the story of a squirrel. I think it makes clear “where there’s universality to it”

    What do you think?
    It would be good to hear the opinion of all readers. Let’s start the discussion.


  2. I love photos like this where there’s universality to it. So close you’re not sure what it is, but it speaks.


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