I have a cap

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.”

7 thoughts on “I have a cap

  1. Oh my Tomas,

    I have been missing much indeed. I am so very,very pleased that you chose drop in.

    Because it is I who am left speechless now.

    It is your visual art that speaks much clearer than words ever could!!\

    Now I must go visit your other blogs!!



  2. Hello Mr.Tomas Karkalas,

    How are you my dear friend? Hope you remember me… Beautiful Digital Arts Works, Nice layout and Great Slide. Keep it up + Good Luck + All the best + GOD bless + Congratulations to you! Hope you are having a great year. Take care… Your Brazilian Friend from Blogging to Fame, Renato de Trindade (Just FAME IT! – Good Luck!)


  3. I like the title of your blog.
    Meditation in fact is a progress from the grosser to subtler frequencies of existence. It is also expressed in colours gross and subtle – between the spectrum of infra-red to ultra-violet.


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