taste of love

“Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside.” –Brian Tracy

While looking through my window, I have seen the picture that was worthy the sharing indeed. Just think, people were talking … the chatter flowed as if out of itself . I couldn’t resist this invitation to join the life feast. Thus I took a sheet of paper, and my Hi came out of itself once again.
While welcoming the world, I became free from the  rules of the judging. Just think, prior leaving a single sentence, people are to define what’s the subject and what’s a complement for to group everything appropriately for not to loose the meaning of their message by ignoring the grammar rules.  That looks logically, but result in falling into a trap of the prejudices typically.

While looking through the window, my lips blossomed out with ‘Hi!’ to all … Was it not the answer out of itself? While welcoming other, we become free from all our questions and enter into the wonderland of God’s love. The depth of the steps we leave in life is defined by our love to others.

2 thoughts on “taste of love

  1. Tomas – thank you for visiting my blog! I was quite impressed with your work.. and i love the flash at the beginning, its quite captivating.. I stared at the candle flames for a few minutes..and it was very peaceful!


  2. I found you based on your participation in the “viral link” tag. In my view, this tag is incomplete because of the lack of a loop-back process. each strand of the meme goes off in different directions with no way to reconnect. Only the creator benefits and is assured of being on everyone’s list and does nothing more that begin the meme. If you want to get involved in a true viral link, with a loop-back process, then you need to join the “Big Bang.” It has over 500 sites already participating and our goal is to hit 1,000. With the loop-back, think of what this will do for your stats and your readership. Come on by and join in. Just follow the rules.

    If you are unfamiliar with the term “loop-back” that means that every new participant lets the creator of the meme (me) know that they have posted it. I then add you to the “master list.” All you do then is to schedule visits back to the master list and copy/paste the current version back to your site. This is the loop-back process. It allows, even the last ones in to obtain significant linkage. I do all the work.


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