scrapbook holds the keys

The Museums … all famous palaces are talking about the cultural values of our homeland, and the picture looks glorious indeed. Our national faithfulness to the eternities is represented richly in the libraries. However, the historical wealth tells nothing about our personal wellbeing. We are to purchase a ticket to the hall of fame of our ancestors. Thus not the worldwide masterpieces but the simplest scrapbook obtains the magical power of the keys. While what is hanging on our walls describe our heritage, our scrapbooks record our love actions in the concrete. While the chef-d’oeuvres decorate the history, the diaries record our interest in today – prove our right to participate in the feast of our ancestors by making clear do we just gather the famous quotes or apply a theory to the practice of our own daily walk.

Wow Two
This Digital picture is my scrapbook . It depicts us – symbolizes the precious love of the lullabies- I would be just nothing without you literally. Your support to the jobless disabled enables me to breathe and to pay the internet fees. My gratitude spring into the pictures you see on my blogs that have appeared due Your donations that empower me to exchange the mourning for my sad destiny to the joy of sharing all I have with you …
My dear, if you like what you see, please support me.
Thank you.
God blesses you.
Peace and love.

3 thoughts on “scrapbook holds the keys

  1. It’s beautiful– It’s amazing that people can share all their wonderful talent over the internet, easily..

    Thanks for you comment on my blog…


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    Thank you again,
    Keep up the beautiful work


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