who is on a throne?

While watching TV, I saw lots of a beautiful pictures, but the message was the threatening in sum. I scanned through the daily newspaper. The picture was the same. While the illustrations caught my eye, the content warned of sundown. Thus what is the beauty?

I fear not the cars on a street but my own words. Does it mean I’m a coward? Yes, I want to look nice, but Is it bad?

8 thoughts on “who is on a throne?

  1. Hi,

    I sent you and e-mail on how to do the tag, OK? Let me know if your have any problems.

    Love your pictures, they are great!

    Love and Blessings,


  2. Actually I haven’t seen such pictures before and I am trying to understand them. They are really beautiful, more correctly having inner different meaning.
    I like your blog.


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