need gardens for the gratitude could blossom

While I was looking through the window, my lips suddenly blossomed out ‘Hi!’.

While welcoming others, we become free from all our questions and enter into the wonderland of God’s love. The depth of the steps we leave in life is defined by our love of others.

I need you for the rejoicing over my colors that squirt out from the fellowship of the buddies at a moment we share our heartily Hi with each other.
I need your help in overcoming the sense of needlessness. The artworks wither like the flowers in the loneliness. I need You for the authorization of my thank you.

Help me please to spread forth the light that makes my pallet.
Help me by coming to my blogs and bringing all your friends here. I need you for making thank you for the reality of my daily walk.
Thank you

This is my daily walk navigating by the eternities in the modern world. My digital pictures, visual thoughts and sound words help locate me in the history of art by transforming the complaints into a play of irony.

2 thoughts on “need gardens for the gratitude could blossom

  1. In our life we must give ourselves gratitude, most of us already do without acknowledge it. You charm me with your beautiful words. It always wonderful to hear from you. Please stop by more often. Have you heard about the Encards? they are like business cards for advertising on others blogs.


  2. There is nothing better than gratitude. It makes you feel better and happier, can’t beat that!

    I have something for you at my site.

    Love and Blessings,


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