I am alive but is that my merit?

The question “How healthy are you?” sounds on every step now. Lots of medical services are ready to help us in recovering from any malaise. Wow, it should look fine, but the picture is dark. The reality becomes dark at a glimpse towards the crowded pharmacy. People worry over  their warts, but are deaf to the heart. It’s fine to have the healthy skin, but can the artificial smile substitute the hearty chatter of the friends?

All our problems have the spiritual roots, and there is no substitute for God’s caring love and guidance. I am alive but is that my merit?

Beauty lingers around us, but do we hear the heavenly colors – do we listen to a story of a sunbeam, or just complain for our weariness and envy all around? How do we respond to the precious gift of life? These questions challenge to answer either I remain faithful to the lullabies, or stumble on the market demands and therefore envy my own children, who trust the fairies till now?

The pictures are the metaphors that as inspire us, so challenge to respond.

4 thoughts on “I am alive but is that my merit?

  1. I just love reading the information you have here. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

    I have something for you at my site.

    Love and Blessings,


  2. I adore your artwork. It’s style is gorgeous and to me, uplifting. Thank you for posting it so that I could wander by on an early morning—feeling a bit depressed when I arrived—and walk away smiling. You have all my best wishes.




  3. Thank you for stopping by, dear lance.
    What relates to your question, every new day makes us all a bit older and thus deepens the abyss between our dreams and possibilities to reach them.
    No, that’s not the complaint. Every new day talks a bit louder about what we have deserved while staying here and give one more chance to stand up by saying Thank you.


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