Benefits of the blogging

While walking along a street, it happens to step into the mud at times… the sunlight loses its power to comfort us , but the blogging comes to help then. As I came across a statement “fish don’t fart”, the smile returned again.

Lots of roadsigns guard the safety of our movement, but the strict commands make us deaf in spite of the wisdom of the warnings. Such way people stick into the mud, but don’t hurry acknowledge the dirt. Thus the complaints for the bad destiny appear because of the need to justify oneself.
All the above is the truth, but can it heal the road accidents? Can the philosophy help recover?  What does a term “to think” mean?

The sundown brings the darkness, the reality urges search for light. Thus the life makes the blogging the need.

My pictures help locate myself in my surroundings by transforming the complaints for the hardships I encounter into the gratitude for being alive. My daily activities are navigated by the eternities.

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