What’s on the outside?

I saw the orange lily on a windowsill and took a shot …

While people are gazing at the beauty of their surroundings, they all are rejoicing. The problems arise at a moment people want to share their impressions. That sorrowful but that’s natural- though each one was looking at the same picture, but did that d from a bit different angle. Though we all are rejoicing at the same heaven, but we use the different words for expressing our impressions. In conclusion, the prior fans become the strangers. How annoying! Therefore let me ask, what does worry us in the concrete? What do you think?

One thought on “What’s on the outside?

  1. Only You

    by Rumi
    translated by Nader Khalili

    only you
    i choose
    among the entire world

    is it fair
    of you
    letting me be unhappy

    my heart
    is a pen
    in your hand

    it is all
    up to you
    to write me happy or sad

    i see only
    what you reveal
    and live as you say

    all my feelings
    have the color
    you desire to paint

    from the beginning
    to the end
    no one but you

    please make
    my future
    better than the past

    when you hide
    i change
    to a Godless person

    and when you
    i find my faith

    don’t expect
    to find any more in me
    than what you give

    don’t search for
    hidden pockets because
    i’ve shown you that
    all i have
    is all you gave.


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