Old photo

“The awareness of some principles compensates the ignorance of multitude of facts” said the wise man once upon a time. The above was labelled as the wise saying and so forgotten by many.

However, the archaeologist study the ruins, and the Fairyland revive in the Art Galleries till now.

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I need your help


As a tiny seed grows the highest tree, so your comments write the most wonderful poem of gratitude in my heart.

Today is the same as once upon a time

I’m browsing through my archives.

what for do I need a car if nobody awaits me nowhere?
Once upon a time I took a deep breath, and it was good indeed. Therefore the healthy-living exercise was repeated for some time… until I asked myself, what do I enjoy in the concrete?

Coastal story

The waves kiss the seashore of my homeland. Wow, that’s so symbolical. Just think, the waves and me – we both are together. That means I’m not alone.
However, where are the people?
Dear bloggers, do you hear me? Let’s think together.

magic of response

What does make our arts and crafts the fine arts?

The titles work like magic in transforming an ordinary shot into the ARTWORK that deals with the eternities. That truth awakens the wish to study the word. Consequently, we face lots of newsmen. The above looks logically, but brings no light- wile fine art grow in cost, the newspaper does otherwise, isn’t it? Or does anybody worry for the yesterday’s paper?

While the “hard news” were filling the waste-paper baskets, the unknown passerby was reading his diary as the best poetry, and the word enlightened his path.

talks on oneness/spiritual brotherhood of the humanity sound grand indeed. Lots of good posts overfill the newspapers … Unfortunately, good dreams are not enough for to dry the eyes of our sick today.   Why did we receive the opposites of our hearty expectations?  What’s wrong?  Why did we face just the bloody confrontations everywhere around?

Love is as the greatest gift, so the daily test.  Love can’t be produced by any social laws. It is entirely the personal feature, that is high above all human directives. Our dreams look nice but are not enough for to dry the eyes of our sick today.  Life needs not the compassionate viewers,  but the concrete actions- the personal response.

discovery of light

photo WE BOTH ARE ALIKE ~ self-portrait with the homeless cat

WE BOTH ARE ALIKE ~ self-portrait with the homeless cat

This photo was picked up from my archives. Though the shot is old  but it talks till now. The picture as comforted me so warned of the blindness that would inescapably come if I would start to enjoy my own works:
If we focus on ourselves, the tears inescapably come because of memoirs -because of lost passions … therefore the weeping come and always distort the truth.

An artist, who enjoys his  own pictures, sees just himself and that is the disability.
I recalled a quote: “Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”

Do we obey?
Please have a look at the wish for blossom out