tales in disguise

What’s under the gas-mask?

… as I began painting, my self-knowledge was increased through the appreciation of all artists.
I recognized the ARTIST in each one of us, and the strangers left my road.
When I became aware of God’s presence, my daily walk have obtained the meaning.

While writing one and the same text, each one of us uses his own style of handwriting. However, while reading the letter, no one become confused because of such “novelties”. The manner of writing didn’t confuse anybody, because we are looking not for the founts- the “Arial” or the “Times New Roman” (Trebuchet MS or Verdana) mean nothing of itself there. These different styles are just the different names of the same self expression in Hi, my dear.

While driving, we see lots of traffic signs and no one doubts for the need to take the corresponding actions then. Just rejoicing at the beauty of the signs would result in inescapable penalty. While the traffic signs guards us on the highways, the artworks should expand that area into the whole our life.

Unfortunately, people are used to evaluate the above as something admirable out of itself in the Art Galleries. Consequently, the various disasters come as the natural outcome of our culture. We are just dreaming about the harmony between mind and heart in everyday life.

Isn’t it strange?  What do you think?

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