The picture below is one of my first digital works. However, does “old” mean “worthless”?

Art & Spirituality … once upon a time, there were hot discussion. “To be or not to be’ occupied hero’s mind once upon a time but the morals gave themselves up to the ‘Business plans” …

power of the mindset

The asphalt hid away the grass, yet Earth purity remained. The puddle reflects the heaven in the lube of oil till now. Thus while looking at these abstract paintings , we can rejoice over  the   beauty of creation till now.  Wow, my helpless gazing at a window sparkled with the happiness for just incredible mind-travels. The above picture  was born thus.


What’s the point of going somewhere in order to grasp “here and now” under the feet?


Light’s touch


Our questions depend on our outlook on oneself. That makes the flat picture look like the sculpture : what we see depends on the angle of view we take

Come To Your Feast

a gap in the clouds

The hearty hello multiplied by a hug dissipates the heavy clouds forever.
Let’s forget our umbrellas