The picture below is one of my first digital works. However, does “old” mean “worthless”?

Art & Spirituality … once upon a time, there were hot discussion. “To be or not to be’ occupied hero’s mind once upon a time but the morals gave themselves up to the ‘Business plans” …

2 thoughts on “pilgrims

  1. Hi Tomas, This is certainly not worthless. And discussion does not give art its value. Art takes on its own life, apart from that of the artist.

    I see the pilgrims, seeking. Perhaps, they have come a long way. Perhaps, they still have far to go.

    Love, Helen


  2. Agree with you are saying. All the modern jargon is useless without an understanding of the spirit behind these concepts. We can just do our bit to open eyes to that wider picture. As artists we appear to be the antennae of our world, with best wishes, The Artist


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