at candle

The leaf left the tree…

And all leaves will do the same too.


What a bunch of the colors!



Light’s divinity inspires the artists, yet the market designate the cost for these visions. So your feedback will depict your choice: your word of mouth will reveal your approach to the gift of the life.

Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania 1955 – ?

2 thoughts on “at candle

  1. Wise words.
    I too am an artist and the journey is inspiring in so many ways… most especially the spiritual path. As artists we seem introverted because we spend so much time in solitude and in our minds, but in fact we are very extrovert in our ‘expression of our souls on canvass’.
    The more i paint,
    the more i learn,
    the more i love.

    Art is a spiritual journey.

    If you like you can visit me at my blog if you like


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