last news

it is said “The first duty of love is to listen”

how much is the love?

how much is the love?

“A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.” –Edgar J. Mohn


11 thoughts on “last news

  1. em mm I had to think about what you wrote for a moment then I there any truth in this world..lately it’s filled with spin…and the best spinner gets the prize and we often become the victims equating to being losers…

    Dorothy from grammology

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  3. Wonderful to hear!!!

    Some of the best bloggers say one should update and revise their posts.

    My experience proves it since my tracking software shows that it’s usually not the most recent post that gets the most visits–sometimes it’s a post months old!

    Very nice picture of you, by the way . . .

    ~ Alex

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