just magic transformation

It sleets, yet the tourists are taking the shots in spite of all inappropriate circumstances for that… While watching them, I reminded my own camera … While I was shooting, the tourists watched me with the great surprise. They couldn’t understand what attracted my eye. Yet that confusion was the mutual. I too don’t know what use could bring the gathering of the exotic picks, thus I turned of from the deeds of humanity to the beauty that was lying underfoot.

The economic policy warns – threatens many today. The photo proves the above. There are nothing to rejoice at indeed. Yet look at the shot once again. The tiny little sticks will blossom out soon everywhere and for sure. The perception of the above just magically changed the sick atmosphere into the refreshing sip of fresh air.

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2 thoughts on “just magic transformation

  1. Yes, Tomas You are so right about seeing beauty in something that at the moment is not, but will one day change. Your photos are incredible! You have such sensitivity to what others do not and cannot see. The photo of the red heart is priceless.Even though I am not a conceptual artist, I too look at the world at times with other eyes. Yes, the eyes of an artist. Thank you for the incredible work that you make come alive. I’m going to add your link to my blog too Tomas. I’ll add this blog. It’s great.


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