faces on a causeway

The spiritual healing by the fine arts starts at a moment we recognize ourselves in others …

yet it’s easy to twist the sense. It’s enough to pronounce the words of truth a quote (the learning by heart do not need thinking). Thus there is now wonder that while one recognizes oneself in a mirror, other discovers himself in the stones on a causeway.

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6 thoughts on “faces on a causeway

  1. Colors are so fascinating in art they either make you calm or filled with anxiety..these were calming.Thanks for stopping by our blog grammologyDorothy from grammologygrammology.com


  2. I like the snow images. Your blog is a gift of the human spirit with reference to mental illness.”Man through the use of his hands, has the power to change the state of his own mind!”


  3. Yes, there is a face in the stones. I like it how you put it, that learning with the heart does not require thinking.Thank you….


  4. I loved the transformation of the picture along with the completion of the words from one blog to the other!!~ Alex from Our Evolution


  5. What wonderful words ‘…seeing ourselves in others’. The mirror reflects only the external self which is not our true representation. There are some things about us which are unknown from ourselves too. They can be discovered only when we feel the oneness of the human species.


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