peace of mind

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The global warming mixed up the typical seasons. The mess covered the Earth, yet nothing can threaten the heart that blossom out with the faith in God’s omnipotence and wisdom, His love to the light, which indwells in each of us.

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3 thoughts on “peace of mind

  1. Peace of mind? Isn’t it the most important? With a peace of the mind, one can be in the most turbulent time and yet remain calm and compose. I have previously written a post about “Where is the Quietest Place on Earth” and in the post, I have mentioned about inner peace, a place that with cultivation, everyone may be able to reach.


  2. well yes thomas, you are right. We should not turn away from our innate freedom and love. Earth has seen warmer climates and colder, but we can see this world through a mood of love or other…maybe fear and hatred…


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