heavy traffic

Heavy traffic defined our streets. The artists just need to pick up their palettes from underfoot. All people are seeking for the same- we all need though a sip of fresh air. Thus life urges that we will open the eyes. I took my camera and the knock on the heart was caught in the photo. All the above is the past at a moment already. All that is needed now is to choose what to do further on. I can either to try to respond, or to dive into the needless musing about the mystery of the creativity.

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10 thoughts on “heavy traffic

  1. As an artist myself I,m drawn to this.I like the texture and the colors.It always seems as if mother nature is the best artist of all.Juxtaposition composition and color she is master of all.Keep these coming Thomas.I am also keenly aware of your work using art as a means of helping handicapped individuals.May you be blessed with love and compassion for your selfless efforts.Thank you.Take care of yourself.I would also like to thank you for your kind comments on my blog about my art.


  2. What a wonderful mix of texture and reflection and color. It’s a true artist who can take the ordinary and show us all the extraordinary ~


  3. Tomas, I don’t know what to say but it is very sweet of you to write these wonderful comments on my Blooms and Blossoms blog which I do not deserve.I have just spent quite some time on your homepage “trans4mind” which I found greatly enjoyable. I love your digital paintings which are so emotional and not cold and impersonal at all as often digital paintings are. This was a big surprise for me! I admit a prejustice here – I hope you’ll forgive me! I hope very much that you don’t cease to paint your emotions and continue to show your art. All the best for you!Petra


  4. Wonderful observation. Just bewildering how simple things can take beautiful form if looked from different perspectives. Cool Photo. Keep it up.


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