while driving home

while driving it looks that what cross our road is the obstacle …
It’s late indeed now, and I’m going to sleep. Yet does that mean though any?
One is clear for sure- the titles lead astray from the picture. What you see on the above is not the exception. So what’s the truth?


Just “what is the truth?” was pronounced, the reply was received. I have read the thoughtful “A must read inspirational story” My colors were put into plain English there. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “while driving home

  1. your pictures are very inspiring. It makes me think, even like a short meditation it trains mindfulness and awareness…Happy Blogging dear tomas


  2. Thank you for sharing my inspirational post with others. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. It did touch me too…One must not forget.I enjoyed your blog Tomas…very much.Many Blessings~Andrea


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