Power of the Silence

While painting the wonderful transformations happen on the canvas. The portrait of the artist’s heart replaces the original drawing. So the painter becomes the spectator of his own work and the silence burst with the incredible stories. There is no such thing as unattractive subject of viewing. We encounter the dull surrounding just at a moment we stop our ears, when we allow our lips to mourn – to replace the listening to the nature with the sharing the personal prejudices.
Therefore the saying appeared: :The picture is worthy hundreds of words”.

The physical shape of things impacts a little what we see, because we enjoy not the bricks of some building, for example, but identify ourselves with the people who inhabit there – we see not them, but ourselves in them and look at the world through the eyes of the heart. Thus one and the same object may look the totally different. Just click on the links below and compare the Power of the Silence with the Summer Tale. The Home Sickness gives one more impression, yet all these pictures were drawn from one and the same object. As we talk about the humanity, about our spirituality or dream about the Peace, everything looks so nicely, yet our day to day life reveals lots of things that should be yet improved. In other words, all artworks are the mirrors and not all pictures that attract our eyes warm the hearts.

my personal contribution

My Lithuania celebrates Day of Independence today. That’s grand out of itself, yet the festive mood is especially high now and wouldn’t end tomorrow, the celebration expands into the whole year, because 2009 marks the milleinary of my country.

It is a bit strange to see the photo on the above in the light of these facts. Yet it relates to all what was said too and is especially precious to me. The photo was taken in duke Oginskis Museum of the history of culture in Rietavas, Lithuania. You see me in the hall of my artworks here. All pictures are the property of the museum. So while looking at this photo I feel myself as if reading an overview of my life. In some sense, this photo witnesses my personal contribution to what we all celebrate now. I have wrote a bit about my family on my blog Candleday (see here … )So you know my ancestors already and I hope you will understand my current joy to approach them not with the empty hands.

Here is my wife Elzbieta and me in Oginskis Museum. You can read more on about page on my Candleday blog.

The spiritual healing by the fine arts starts as we recognize ourselves in others.
That’s the secret of the beauty and the key to success

The archives talk to us

This picture is not an abstraction or the fantasy. It is the photo, the documentary stuff despite the hardness to recognize exact location of her colors. The archives talk to us, and I remind of joy I had while taking my photos then. So to speak, there is nothing new under the sun, God still loves us today. What’s our response?

magical transformations

As I saw this, the shot was taken and I entitled it Feelings versus View. The picture recalled my youth: the emotions that were burning inside and the reality of life greatly differed between then….
The unlovely pictures vanished from site immediately as I learned that what irritated me was just my own weakness to see beyond the physical shapes of things I touch. Therefore I try not to complain for the empty ground underfoot, but enjoy the gardening now. So the flowers blossomed out inside of me, and my headaches put me on the wings of the gratitude for remaining alive till now.

What you see below is what was found by me on a windowsill of art therapy class. These lovely creations were made by the patients from the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. It’s hard to trust, yet that is Modus Vivendi indeed. I blossom out myself as I talk about this wonderful club. One of my blogs was dedicated to them. So you are welcomed to Modus Vivendi. Just click on a link above and see for yourself.

thoughtful lump of snow

as I talk about the light, the words radiate the love and my eyes blossom out the gratitude. It happens so from time to time indeed. The last may sound strangely to you, therefore I will try to explain it more profoundly. So … I just have no time to talk. I’m looking at my pictures and listening to the whispering of my shots. Lots of what I hear don’t attract me, yet I can’t ignore the truth. This lump of snow looks sorrowfully indeed, because it sees his time ending: the winter past already and the inhabited whiteness of the snowflakes disappeared under the dust of the town.

magical metamorphosis

An empty sheet of paper attracted me with an opportunity to express oneself. Thus  I took my brush  and art colors covered the  canvas. The  picture revived, yet the artwork looked  sorrowfully…. though I rejoiced over the daylight, I still was aware of my status ( as the disabled I was impotent to take part in the fiesta of life so as I dreamed about that)


Have a look at the shot on the above.  This picture caught my attention – I was just seated back in awe towards the view that so eloquently depicted my story.   I saw my dreams (rejoiced over  purity of the  snow),  yet that vision mixed with grief – the traces of the vehicle sneered down at  the beauty of  the fairy tales – at me (the picture illustrated   the possibilities of living with the disabilities)   Thus the picture from  underfoot challenged me to action.  I hope you too will enjoy what came out in result. Just read  further …

round trip

More I looked at my shot on the above, more the photo talked to me, the close-up of what was underfoot depicted the whole universe.

The places we never had seen before seduce us into the adventures. So we take long trips and involve in the passionate shooting.
While looking at thus gathered my exotica, I sat back into awe towards the incredible discovery in the prior never seen pictures: the close-up clearly portrait…I recognized myself (!) in the building bricks of the mysterious panorama.
Do you recall a saying, “we are what we look at“?

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